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    Weida Technology Co. Ltd. (WEDATECH COMPANY LIMITED) was founded in 2003 in Hongkong since the establishment of China, committed to the strategic cooperation with CMOS Sensor and DSP manufacturers, design and promotion, maintain a long-term strategic partnership with SONY, OMNIVISION, APTINA, TOSHIBA, SAMSUNG, TI, NS, ADI, Realtek and other international famous enterprises, PLCC packaging technology, supply security camera scheme and chip set for Sensor, the main products are: CMOS SENSOR, DSP NAND, FLASH, DDR, IC, IC, WIFI power supply, IC audio decoding network IC, IC encryption, and other types of active crystal, easy camera production enterprises directly by the scheme and the overall procurement mainly device;

    Wedatech with R & D team and Engineering Research Center in East Suzhou (JVSION), independent research and design of electronic image acquisition module, video acquisition and processing system, security monitoring system, wide dynamic range, high precision electronic microscope, the perspective of auto monitoring system security camera detection module and field image detection system, apparatus and equipment wide dynamic characteristic of JVSION products is a combination of hardware and software, system function, mainly used in the industrial field and the environment have higher requirements of the occasion, for example, remains completely color and high in sun light, car light, electric arc welding under high light clarity;

    Wedatech owned subsidiary Hai Rui ocean technology in Southern China city of Shenzhen, is to provide security products in the field of CMOS Sensor image of the field of electronic design, the main products include digital cameras, digital high-definition HD 720P motherboard 1080P camera motherboard, 720 wire analogue high-definition camera main board, simulation of ultra wide dynamic high-definition camera motherboard, for industrial endoscope module medical endoscope recorder module, image acquisition module, image acquisition module, camera module, fingerprint recognition model of high-definition aerial video acquisition module image acquisition, Hai Rui ocean science and technology's integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry;

    Wedatech has a professional engineering and technical personnel, has 10 years of experience in the field of SENSOR, after many years of careful cultivation, with high quality service, we have grown to be a leading electronic scheme of enterprise, to provide you with the most comprehensive on-site solutions and the most perfect products and services.
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